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We make Aqua Flow airbrush colors a waterbase paint for Tee Shirts and Illustration.

We make IllumaAir a durable & Removable waterbase paint for outdoor graphics and painting from roads and sidewalks to use on automobiles where you may want to remove the art at a later date using our remover that dissolves the paint and allows you to wash it away, a heavy rain will also wash the paint away after you have applied our remover on the IllumaAir colors, it is weather resistant and has a long lasting durability.

Our Peelables automotive and smooth surface peelable solvent based coatings' and colors' are very weather resistant and can be peeled off of most smooth non absorbent surfaces. We additionally make Lacquerol an alcohol automotive paint that is weather proof and durable yet can be wiped off with alcohol.

We make a waterbase paint for grass and landscaping called Natural Colors.

You are welcome to contact us at 770 834-1013 or email Sherrywarren@mac.com

We have proudly made our Aqua Flow colors for since 1980 and have unique products using our innovation and experience.