Aqua Flow Opens our new Store For Easier Shopping

We at Aqua Flow USA have just opened our new store for a easier and more pleasant shopping experience.

We hope once you go through the motions you will find that ordering is much faster and intuitive. If you see areas you would like us to improve please let us know. We are interested in making your purchases as simple and quick as possible.

We are excited about 2016 and have done several things to make our Aqua Flow P:saints better , first we have went back to our original formula and have introduced some quality control techniques to see that our raw materials remain the same high quality we have been known for over the years.

We have a new product line in peelable paints we call these  "the Peelables" you ar sure to find uses for them just think about what these bring to the table of the creative.

Don't wait to paint that car any longer just do it now with the Peelables. All you need to do is apply 2 heavy wet coatings of Peelable Clear to the hood or which ever part of the car you want to paint. Now all you need to do is paint as you always have, it is that simple, You can use the peelables paint to paint with or use most any other paint you like.  Finish  up with one or two good wet coats of Peelable Clear and you should have a nice looking high gloss image that looks like a automotive clear coating. It is totally waterproof and have additives that reduce the fading effects of the suns rays. We also have a wipe on wax to protect the surface from dirt and grime as well as makes it have the feel of a waxed car. The coolest thing is we have engineered in our exclusive easy peel technology so when the customer wants to remove it they simply lift up a corner and peel it away quickly. Now you see it now you don't it couldn't be easier.

This is only one exciting use for the peelables don't stop here look around and you will find many places the peelables are useful like glass store fronts that peel completely in seconds, just be sure you determine how many coatings of clear you need to apply to get a quick and easy peel. Also coming soon our Peelable Clear in an easy aerosol can.

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    I have tried most all of the airbrush paints and find that aqua flow is a great paint and when spraying it leaves a great scent behind, none of the others has this.

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